Here are the list of available services at Glyphx. If you don't see what you need, inquire.


On Laser Printer

Color or B&W,
Duplex (limitation on paper weight)
Letter, Text weight only
Tabloid(11x17), Text/Cover weight
Tabloid Extra (12x18), Text/Cover weight, (premium paper option available)


On InkJet Printer:

Available sizes are from Letter up to 44x90 inch print.
Letter, 13x19, 17x22 are standard size cut sheet.
Any other size will be printed on Roll paper.

Paper selections are:
Matte, Luster, Canvas, Matt Board.



Spiral Bindings, Perfect hard cover binding.


Make Your File Print Ready!
Prepare your file right!

File Formats Accepted: PDF, TIF, JPG.

TIF and JPG format should be sized correctly. Check to make sure it is the right size.
In Photoshop, Cmd+Opt+I (Image, Image Size...) and change it to your desired size.
Minimum resolution for print is 150ppi.
The layers (if any) should be flattened.
IN RGB format. Don't use CMYK if the file is photo and going to print on inkjet printer.
Then Save As to prevent from overriding your original.

You should save as or export on all the other programs to convert the file to PDF.
Use this how to guide for Indesign export.